Wedding FAQ’s


I am not the best person in front of the camera will that be a problem?
Not at all, there are many ways to create a fun and stress free environment. You and your partner will enjoy your wedding with me like no other, this is one of the main advantages working with a full time photographer!

How much time you spend for each wedding?
As a full time photographer, I usually at least 30 hours or more for a full day coverage, beside photography, there are preparation, planning, scoutings, editing after your wedding and many more. I could work a second job for more money but I rather dedicate myself to my passion.

Do you offer engagement shoot?

I do indeed, please ask me for more information.

How far do you travel in Adelaide and Australia? 
I travel to any location in South Australia. There is an extra charge applied for region and interestate weddings, but it won’t break your bank.

What is the ideal coverage for my wedding?
From my experience, 10 hours will cover almost everything for a standard Australian Wedding. You are more than welcome to add more to suit your schedule.

What happen if it is raining/too hot on my wedding day? 
I have multiple studio lights available if you want to stay indoor.

What is your solution if:
your car break down: I have my backup car ready to go at my office / taxi/Uber

equipment unable to function: I have at least one back up for each equipment, such as camera, lens, harddrive and many more.

What equipment do you use? 
I am using all professional full frame cameras, lightings and high quality lens.

How many photos should I expect from my wedding? 
For a 11 hour coverage, there are at least 500+ photos watermark free and ready to print. You can also add a 2nd photographer for extra coverage during ceremony.

Do you work alone? 
Not all the time, I tend to have an assistant(s) with me for a full day wedding.

Is a 2nd photographer a good idea? 
Absolutely, I would recommend a 2nd for all my wedding shoot, you won’t regret it and it is definitely another great investment.

When will I receive my photos? 
usually between 20-60 business days and no more than 90 business days depending the season, sneak peak however, is ready between 1-7 days after your wedding or even at your reception!

Can I get a wedding album for my wedding? 
Absolutely, feel free to ask me for more info.

Do you hand out any RAW files?

Not for me as RAW files is an unfinished product.