Food shoot questionnaire.

First name + business name
Examples: lifestyle foodshoot for our new menu Content for our latest 'feed me' menu with people socialising on the big table. Christmas menu on the function table without any people. We want to showcase our dining experience with the view of the Adelaide Hills sunset with people in the shot.
entrees,mains,dessert and other
Please tell me more about the story of this new menu, objectives and other info about the concept behind.
Name and sauce in the food/on the side
Please pick which 3 styles of shot for food photos: *
Examples: Steak and wine deal. 1kg steak challenge Kids eat for free deal with main.
Cocktail, Beef, Non-alcohol and others * leave it blank if there is nothing*
Please pick which styles of shot best describes what you like the sound of the most for drinks: *
**scroll down for examples
Name, ingredients and potential actions shot(s) - fire, dry ice etc
Examples: 2 for 1 Gin Add $1 for a 1L beer with any main during lunch time Happy hour promo
e.g. please leave space on the top right corner of the cocktail photo for text.
Examples: we want our burgers to stands out in front of a black background. we want Ubereats style photoshoot ( same setup but different items) **see examples below for reference Please leave space on the top half of the photo and product on the bottom half as we want to put graphic/text.
Style for group photos: *
**see examples below for reference
examples: The main bar, restaurants and main entrance of the restaurant.
Example: we want a group shot of our 'feed me' menu while showcasing the interior of the restaurant.
Examples: Please avoid the main bar for this shoot as we building a new bar in a few months.
examples: we want some staff portraits with the restaurant as the background, we have 20 in the team we want some shot of dog(s) to promote our dog-friendly area



Food - Lifestyle


Solo, group, actions and lifestyle:

Group (lifestyle shots):