Our start to finish coverage is from $2800 with 2 photogrpahers. If you like what you see so far, please drop us an email and we will be in touch as soon as we can!

venue(s) / suburb(s)
facebook, social media, friends, family, guests at one of my previous wedding.

What can you expect from experience with Jon Wah Photography?

1.  Booking us 

You have fianlly picked a date and you two loved what you are seeing so far, feel free to arrange a time to meet up with me in person! There is no string attach to our first meeting but it is a great chance for us to know each other in person. 

2.  Before your wedding

We will stay in contact for anything about your wedding such as ideas, timeline and anything in between. Several scoutings will be schedule prior to your wedding with scouting reports. There will be an engagement shoot as well, this is one of the best ways to get to know my couple before their wedding.

3.  On your wedding day

We love fun wedding while producing quality photo and this is why you are here with me! Let us do the work while you enjoy your day!

4.  After your wedding day

All your photos are backup in several places and sneak peak photos are ready in 14 days. The rest will be ready in 12 weeks either in person or via Auspost

5.  Handover Day!

It will deliver in person or via Auspost.


Wedding FAQ’s

What is the definiteion of start to finish?

Anytime from 7am until 11pm.

Do you offer engagement shoot?

I do indeed with my start to finish coverage, and you will love the experience!

Do you offer album?

Yes I do and many more! We like to give back to our clients.

How far do you travel in Adelaide and Australia? 
I am based in Adelaide and ready to travel to your wedding anywhere in Australia.

What is your solution if:

Equipment unable to function: I have at least one back up for each equipment.

Unable to attend your wedding:

I have couple of additional photographers that I have worked with in the past and always delivered constantly great images. Any work in this circumstance would still be edited by myself. It would take something pretty spectacular for me not to be there, but rest assured, I have all bases covered.

Raining/weather condition:

I am experienced with stuido lights and there will be studio lights available

Do you hand out any RAW files?

Unfortunately not as RAW files is an unfinished product and it is part of the service.